Emergency Preparedness!

An ounce of preparation…

I am pretty convinced that if you prepare for the worst, it probably won’t happen. And if it does happen, having a plan will simply make your life easier.

So make your disaster response plan!

Two very useful links, with examples of plans and information on wet salvage recovery are:

The Minnesota Historical Society

The Nebraska State Historical Society

Another very useful link that can help you to create a very basic outline is:

The Council of State Archivists Pocke Response Plan (PReP)

and of course, there is the good ol’


which is available both in a lite and full version.

There are many many many many more resources on the web, but sometimes it’s just nice to have somewhere to start.

The 2008 Connecting to Collections survey, supported by a grant from IMLS, found that only 13% of respondents had an up to date emergency plan, and that assistance with emergency planning was a priority for 72% of the respondents.


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